Cách xử lý bị gắn cờ trên Youtube Cứu kênh youtube

Danh sách những lý do bị người xem gắn cờ video Youtube của bạn (hay đồng nghĩa người phá có cớ để gắn cờ phá hoại kênh)

Cách xử lý bị gắn cờ trên Youtube Cứu kênh youtube
Cách xử lý bị gắn cờ trên Youtube Cứu kênh youtube 

Survey Scam Videos
Abusive Channels
Channels After Initial Termination
Metadata Violations (Tag Spam in Description) Đây là trường hợp phổ biến nhất Youtuber Vietnam mắc phải, bạn ko được spam tag trong phần mô tả
Phishing Videos
Attempted Account Sale
Sale of YouTube Partnership
Sexual Content
Incentivisation of Video Features
Monetisation of Video Features
Artificial Traffic (View, Favourite, Like Boosting)
Shocking and/or Disgusting Content
Impersonating Spam404
Weight Loss/Muscle Gain Spam
Get Rich Quick Scam
Affiliate Spam
Hướng giải quyết:
- Điều trước tiên bạn ko vi phạm những lý do mình nêu ở trên, nếu bạn chắc chắc rằng bạn ko vi phạm, những điều mình nêu; bạn hãy làm theo các bước
- Bước 1:…
- Bước 2: Điền như form demo dưới đây và gởi đến;
Form 1:
This video "..........." ( only has entertainment content. It was taken on parks with friendly person (no violation or no break any Youtube commodity rules) with over ...... views. We are sure that this video has good content. Please recheck, consider this case because we believe your effort to make Youtube community healthier.
Form 2:
Unsuspended Youtube Account (Title của mail)
Dear Youtube team,
Thanks you very much for re-reviewing my Youtube channel ....... and unsuspending my Youtube account!
My whole Youtube account ........ was suspended due to a video that was flagged for spam, scam, and commercially deceptive content, and I have reviewed the community guidelines and I don't see how my video violates them in any way. According to Youtube's email, the only penatly was related to the video below. I could not agree with the reason for this penatly was because the video was allegedly flagged for spam, scam, and commercially deceptive which violates Youtube's Community Guidelines. These are the following reasons I don't agree with the penatly.
1/ The contents of the video "................." does not contain any spam in the video or in the comments so it does not violate the spam policies. The video was................
2/ The video does not utilize service that increase traffic artificially. All views and traffic are authentic.
3/ The video does not contain misleading metadata.
It would be awesome if you can take a look and address my issues. Again, thanks you very much for unsuspending my Youtube account
Tên bạn
Tên kênh
Địa chỉ email
Số điện thoại
Thanks and Best Regards Youtube Team!
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